124 Arrested In Sialkot Lynching Priyantha Diyawadana – Wife Seeks Justice

Priyantha Diyawadana was beaten to death and his corpse was set on fire over blasphemy accusation.

As many as 124, including 19 prime accused have been arrested in Sialkot after a mob of factory lynched Sri Lankan manager, while the wife of the slain Sri Lankan man has demanded a fair investigation into the murder of her husband.

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According to a Punjab police spokesman, police have identified six more key figures and arrested them with CCTC footage and mobile call data.

In the video footage, the people can be seen lynching and burning the body of Priyantha Kumara.

However, some of the people have sticks in their hands while others can be seen torturing.

Police spokesman said the police had arrested the suspects, were hiding in the homes of their friends and relatives for fear of arrest.

He further said the police were investigating using the latest technology.

Priyantha diyawadana Wife seeks Justise

On the other hand, Priyantha Kumara’s wife Nirosh Dasania while talking to foreign media said that her husband had been killed unjustly and unhumanly.

She said that she saw in the news how brutally her innocent husband was killed when he had been working in Pakistan for a long time.

Niroshi Dasaniyake has pledge with both President of Sri Lanka and the Prime Minister of Pakistan to conduct a fair investigation into her husband’s murder case.

Priyantha Kumara’s brother Kamala Sri Shanta Kumara also told the British News Agency that Priyantha had been working in the Rajko factory since 2012. “After owning this factory, he was in charge of all the arrangements.” He said, “as far as I know, a poster of an extremist organization was put up inside and a strike was called to find out the cause of the accident”.

Priyantha Kumara Dead Body

The dead body of Sri Lankan national Priyantha Kumara, who was killed after being lynched by mob of factory employee in Sialkot, Punjab, was sent to Lahore after an autopsy.

A police spokesman said Priyantha’s body would be handed over to the Sri Lankan Consulate in Lahore, while Priyantha’s dead body would be flown to Sri Lanka on a special flight after legal proceedings.

Police sources said that dead body would be flown to Colombo on Monday morning.

It may be recalled that Priyantha Kumara was working as a general manager in a garments factory in Sialkot. On the morning of December 3, he was first killed by factory workers and other unknown individuals over blasphemy allegations, and then his body was burned.

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