Afghan Journalist Shows Aamir Liaquat as Colonel Adil Killed in Panjshir

Afghan Journalist Inspired by India Reported Pakistani Commander Killed During Fight in Panjshir

Kabul: Afghan journalist Noor Qureshi, while sharing a photo of PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat, claimed that Pakistani commando Colonel Adil got killed during the clash in Panjshir, which went viral in Pakistan.

He shared a photo of Amir Liaquat on his Twitter account, claiming “The first safety of Pakistani commandos: Colonel Adil died during the fighting in Panjshir,” translated tweet read.

Thread, Afghan Journalist showed Aamir liaquat as Colonel Adil dead in Panjshir
The Photo Taken from Ramadan Transmission Advertisement Clip

His tweet went viral on social media and Pakistani netizens started mocking journalist for an embarrassing pass.

Here’s How Pakistani Netizens Reacted

The photo shared by the Afghan journalist is actually taken from an advertisement clip of Geo TV’s Ramadan transmission.

In this advertisement clip, Aamir Liaquat can be seen acting as a Pakistan Army officer who embraces Shahadat during combat but does not allow the Pakistani flag to fall.

The ongoing war between the Taliban and the Panjshir’s resistance force in Afghanistan is now over and the Taliban have declared victory over the whole of Afghanistan.

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