Alina Khan Without Shalwar Video Sparks Outrage on Internet

Netizen Mocks Pakistani Tik Tok Girl Alina Khanana For Putting off her shalwar and Revealing Her Black Knees.

After the immoral photo shoot of a boy and a girl in front of the picture of the founder of Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah, an inappropriate video of another woman came to light on which social media users expressed their anger.

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A video of a girl going viral on social media shows a girl in a black shirt walking in front of the camera without a “shalwar”.

The Pakistani Tik Tok girl named Aalina Khanana shared a video without Shalwar on her Twitter account in which she said “I like to go out without pant”.

All the hell erupted when the “Shalwar” became a trend on Twitter, with some users mocking the black color of her knees.

Alina Khan Viral Video

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